Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Hartnett, Michael Madsen,Clive Owen ve niceleri.. bu kadroyu al, kamera karşısına 90 dakika oturt, yine de ortaya güzel bir şeyler çıkacağını sanıyorum.. ki filmde hareket de mevcut:)
filmin çizgi romansı görüntüsü ayrı bi güzellik vermiş.. filmdeki tüm karakterleri ayrı ayrı inceleyebilirim..ha dur bak filmi tekrar izleyesim geldi..
bu arada hayran kitlesi fazla olan Jessica Alba'nın da cast'te oldugunu eklemeden geçmeyeyim..dayak yeriz alimallah..
Gail: We'll fight the cops, the mob, and anybody else who tries to move in on us. We'll go to war. Dwight: Don't be stupid, Gail. Get me a car.
Gail: Who do you think you are? You got what you wanted out of us. [Gail puts the gun to his face]
Gail: You got what you wanted out of me.
Dwight: If I don't make it back, you can have your war. [Dwight and Gail kiss]
Dwight: [to Miho] Get me a hardtop with a decent engine and make sure it's got a big trunk. [to Gail]
Dwight: I'll always love ya, baby.
Gail: Always and never.
Marv: Wait a second. Why'd she call you Wendy?
Wendy: Because that's my name, you ape. Goldie was my sister. My twin sister.
Marv: I guess she was the nice one.
Bob: It's a lotta miles into town, Hartigan. You care for a ride?
John Hartigan: Long as you stay in front of me.
Bob: Prison's made you paranoid. Talk about water under the bridge. Christ. [he takes a drag on his cigarette]
Bob: Eight years.
John Hartigan: Yeah. Eight years.
Bob: Well, if it's any consolation to ya... [he takes another drag]
Bob: ... you made me hate myself.

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