Her ne kadar IMDB'de korku filmleri başlığında bu filmin adı olsa da zombi temalı bir komedi filmidir. Kanımca da en iyi ingiliz komedisidir.
Zombileşmiş hayatlara göndermeyi de filmin sonunda "zombileri topluma kazandırma" adı altında eklemesi de ayrı bi güzel..
film aşağıdaki eğlencelik repliklerle başlıyor..tabi eğlenebilmeniz için izlemeli ve izletmelisiniz..
Filmin senaryosunu, filmde Shaun karakterini canlandıran Simon Pegg yazmış ve filmi Edgar Wright yönetmiş.. Filmde kullanılan müzikler de hoş olmuş..
( aynı kadronun bir başka güzel filmi olan Hot Fuzz için tıklayın )

Liz: It's not that I don't like Ed.
Liz: Ed, it's not that I don't like you.
Ed: It's all right.
Liz: It would just be nice if we could...
Ed: [talking to the arcade machine] Fuck!
Liz: ...spend a bit more time together...
Ed: [talking to the arcade machine] Bollocks!
Liz: ...just the two of us. It's just with Ed here, it's no wonder I always bring my flat-mates out and then that only exacerbates things.
Shaun: What do you mean?
Liz: Well you guys hardly get on, do you?
Shaun: No, what does "exacerbate" mean?
Liz: It means um, to make things worse.
Shaun: Right. Well I mean, it's not that I don't like David and Di.
Shaun: Guys, it's not that I don't like you.
David, Dianne: It's all right.
Shaun: And it's not that I don't want to spend time with you cause I do. It's just Ed doesn't have too many friends.
Ed: Can I get... any of you cunts... a drink?
Pete: It's four in the fucking morning!
Shaun: It's Saturday!
Pete: No, it's not. It's fucking Sunday. And I've got to go to fucking work in four fucking hours 'cos every other fucker in my fucking department is fucking ill! Now can you see why I'm SO FUCKING ANGRY?
Ed: Fuck, yeah!
Ed: You gonna thank me then?
Shaun: For what?
Ed: Tidying up!
Shaun: Doesn't look that tidy.
Ed: Well, I had a few beers when I finished.

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